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Splash Your Pup is an indoor dog swimming pool and we offer private classes, certified trainers, dock jumping decks, and more! Dogs love to swim, but living in the midwest we only have a few months where our best friends can enjoy the swimming pools. That's where we differ! Our pool is indoor and offers swimming all year long! We're nationally recognized and we're owned & operated by certified dog training specialists.

Our indoor pool offers your dog with ramps and diving platforms that are designed to help provide your pet with a safe place to practice diving, casually exercise, receive professional training from our certified staff, or just splash, play and have fun! We have the highest quality ozone filtration system available, and we combine that with our safe and non-toxic minerals to ensure that your best friend is safe and sanitary in our pool. We pride ourselves in keeping our pools clean of harsh chemicals. Our members can enjoy private swimming sessions, one-on-one training, group swimming, and so much more!

Our Dog Swimming Pool Features:

  • Year-Round Pool Access
  • Advanced Filtration for a Chemical-Free Swim
  • One-on-One Attention from Certified Trainers
  • Private Swim Sessions
  • A Friendly, Welcoming Atmosphere
  • Group Diving Lessons for All Ability Levels
  • Convenient Online Booking System & Flexible Scheduling
  • Drying Towels for You and Your Pup
  • Dog Diving Leagues

What Are The Benefits Of Dog Swimming?

You might be asking yourself "why should I bring my dog to an indoor pool?" You're not alone. Dog swimming and dock diving is not only an activity that is fun for you and your dog, but it also helps to keep your dog healthy and in shape providing many great health benefits.

Some of the many reasons to start swimming with your dog include:

  • Resistance from the water helps improve muscle strength, while working the cardio-vascular and respiratory systems.
  • The stronger the muscles the more resist a dog will be to injuries sustained during typical exercise.
  • Swimming can help with rehabilitation from various forms of injuries.
  • Assists in movement for arthritic dogs.
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Positive reinforcement techniques to ensure a fun/stress-free environment
  • Group lessons and leagues are a fun way to meet other dog sport lovers while embracing a fun competition.
  • A dog doesn't have to jump 25' feet to have fun!

What Should You Be Expecting?

How Should I Prepare my Dog Prior to Arriving?

  • Do not feed your dog 3-4 hours before a swim session.
  • Make sure to potty your dog prior to swimming. There is a designated potty area on the front of the building. Anyone who does not clean up after their dog will not be allowed to use our facility, this also includes cleaning up after your dog indoors.
  • Dogs should be brushed out prior to entering the pool. (Brushes available in wash/dry area). If the dog is dirty/muddy, you will be required to rinse your dog before entering the pool. Toenails must be trimmed and smooth edges. Nails will be checked prior to swim, and if trimming/filing is required, there is a $10 fee. Sharp/long toenails can damage the pool.
  • Defecation in the pool will result in a clean-up fee, that fee can range from $25-$150, depending on the extent of the stool in the pool and if the pool needs to be shut down for the rest of the day. Session will end and no refund will be given.
  • Dogs should be in good health and free of any communicable conditions.
Dog Swimming Lessons Around Fort Wayne IN

If you want your dog to have a great time in our pool, contact us to learn more or speak with one of our team members. Or just stop on by our location, we'd love to see you and say hello!

Schedule a Swim: (937) 607-8524