Facility Rules

  1. For your dog’s safety we do not allow choker, prong, shock collars, gentle leaders, halti’s, or front snap harnesses.  
  2. Splash Your Pup’s purpose is to create a fun and positive environment for dog and handler.  No abuse will permitted.  If any anytime Splash Your Pup staff feels a handler is becoming abusive, the handler will be asked to leave with no refund.
  3. Your dog is current on vaccines with a copy on file.  Titers are accepted.  It is the owner’s responsibility to keep vaccine records up to date. 
  5. Dogs may also not be drug up the stairs to the dock. 
  6. Please no outside professional photography.  If you would like your session photographed please ask our staff for our facility photographer. http://www.reynolds-photography.com/
  7. Do not use external flea/tick product within 5 days of swim.
  8. Dogs must ABSOLUTELY be LEASHED (4-6') upon entry/exit of the facility.  No retractable leashes!  Please keep your dog under control at all times.  Females in heat are not allowed.     
  9. Only up to 2 dogs allowed in the pool/deck area at a time.  Pool is video & audio monitored.     
  10. Please come at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment to potty your dog prior to the swim.  You will not be able to start before your scheduled appointment.  You will need to exit the swim area with your dog on a leash and under control at the end of your scheduled time. The dryers can be used after your splash time.
  11. If you dog is dirty or in need of a brushing you may be asked to rinse off or brush your dog.  This will go toward your SPLASH time.  For the safety of the pool please make sure dog nails are trimmed. 
  12. There is scheduled maintenance that needs to be completed between each appointment, so it is important that we stay on time with appointments.  You will not be given extra time if you arrive late. 
  13. Please ensure that we have a current phone number on file – if the pool needs to be shut down we will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment.        
  14. Pre-paid packages:  Good for 6 months.  Non-refundable unless 1) facility or veterinarian determines that swimming is not appropriate for the dog, 2) dog expires.  Pre-paid packages are under the owner's name - therefore days can be used between family dogs within the same household.     
  15. We must be notified of any cancellation a minimum 24 hours in advance of appointment by phone or email.  Non-notified missed appointments are to be paid in full or deducted from pre-paid package.  Any client that missed more than one appointment without notification is expected to pre-pay for any future appointments.  
  16. Splash Your Pup has the right to refuse any future appointments from clients who have missed or cancelled multiple appointments. 
  17. Payment is processed at end of day by Square. 
  18. If you are asked to leave due to violation of any listed rules there is no refund of that session or packages. 
Schedule a Swim: (937) 607-8524